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Helping seed and venture-backed tech founders accelerate B2B sales growth through coaching & proven playbooks

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Accelerate Your  Selling

You know how early-stage tech startups often struggle with complex B2B sales? Well, that's where I can help. I coach tech founders and emerging sales leaders to accelerate sales and increase wins through an online program without sucking up too much time.

When clients work with me, they:
• develop a clear sales strategy & playbook
• learn necessary selling skills for complex sales
• create meaningful messaging

When it comes to growing early-stage sales, I know you want to be knowledgeable and confident. You want to accelerate repeat sales and soar past projections. But in order to do that, you need the right sales growth playbook. And you can't do that alone today.

I understand how stressful and frustrating inconsistent early sales can be on a leader, which is why I'm proud to say I've helped dozens of leaders like you win high six-figure deals for their seed or venture-backed startup.

You deserve to blow away company growth targets.

So, book a call with me today to discuss your goals and how we might work together to help you become the next fast-growing startup story. Stop missing revenue opportunities you deserve while your competition leapfrogs you to the close.

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You: The Busy Tech Founder

You're slammed with an overflowing schedule of product, fund raising, Slack, and more.

Sales demands your bandwidth too, but it’s a different skill set. And it’s all on you to meet revenue projections.

As a responsible leader, you sense it's time to consider a guide to help you and your team accelerate sales.

You don't need to become a sales expert, but you do need a road map that supports your desired growth.

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You: The Developing Sales Leader

You're new to the VP role or you'll be there soon. You're taking on greater responsibility, engaging other functions, and have big aspirations.

Your strategy needs to demonstrate wisdom but the internal team is an unlikely resource. 

You could use an objective, knowledgeable coach that's grown early-stage sales functions.

I'll give you honest feedback, share my insights, and work with you to create or improve your playbook.

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Your New Sales Coach

Hi, I'm John Grispon, strategic advisor and executive coach to dozens of early-stage B2B tech founders. Having been involved in 2 successful exits, I've coached, sold, and led teams to rapid growth in B2B tech startups as well as big tech firms like Microsoft and Zimmer Biomet. 

I've built from the first sale to accelerating past $30 million in B2B SaaS startups, and I've also grown a global sales and marketing function past $150 million.

I've learned a few things through rough waters and now share my sales and bizdev experience with the next generation of leaders. 

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I've consulted, advised, and mentored across multiple industries and investors

"I attribute much of our success to John’s guidance. There are many areas of leadership that I learned directly from John, most specifically his ability to articulate and break down a challenge in order to influence and empower others."

Robin Rath
Early-stage Founder & CEO

"From identifying GTM strategy to talking about specific deal terms, John is a great listener, a problem solver, and an innovative thinker. He has the experience to effectively consider and prioritize the different stakeholders in the complicated field of healthcare for any given challenge."

Abby Cohen
Early-Stage Co-Founder & CEO

A Great Product Needs A Powerful Sales Growth Playbook

You can easily start by learning more. All the benefits of access and experience without a big-time investment.

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