***ONLY for B2B tech founders doing founder-led sales, seeking product-market-fit, with under $5 million in revenue and looking to scale***

Finally, Discover How My Clients Generate Up to 195% More Sales Opportunities With Half the Normal Sales Costs Using Our Simple Process That Any B2B Tech Founder Can Implement - Guaranteed! 

Best of all, it works in ANY market for ANY B2B tech startup WITHOUT being salesy, wasting time on tire-kickers, forking over massive product discounts, or burning all your cash on email lists and fancy tech you don't actually need.

And if after working with me you aren’t generating more interested, qualified leads in your sales pipeline, you don’t pay. And I’ll also give you free access to my advanced B2B sales workshop, a $2,500 value.

Watch this 5 minute video below for how this offer works...

I have ✅ Watched the video ✅ Want a system to generate more qualified sales opportunities ✅ Currently have a B2B startup that is making sales Under $5 million annual revenue and ✅ I want to know how this guaranteed system can work for me...

On this call we will review your business, see how this system can work for you, offer you some advice on how to use it, and then discuss (if we know we can help you) how we can help you implement it - GUARANTEED

Check Out What Others Have Said About Working With John And His System...

The Founder Led Sales Bootcamp

Once you deploy this simple system, you'll drive more qualified sales opportunities with higher efficiency

Tech Founder Focused

Accelerate your founder sales efforts with a custom agenda focused on helping you; emphasis on process and key activities where you need the most work.

Net-It-Out-For-Me Approach

Combining the best and fewest B2B sales techniques into a single process so you focus on those core approaches that increase qualified leads.

This one simple process allows you to focus on your best opportunities (and avoid the tire- kickers that put you off) and prepares you for putting your skills into action in as soon as 3 days!

More Results From Clients Using The System...

On this call we will review your business, see how this system can work for you, offer you some advice on how to use it, and then discuss (if we know we can help you) how we can help you implement it - GUARANTEED

What industry leaders are saying...

Todd Herman

Author, The Alter Ego Effect

"How many people would you trust with your credit card to spend $10,000+ per day to get you customers and make you money? I trust Nicholas because he's made me hundreds of thousands, if not millions."

Ryan Deiss

Founder, CEO - Digital Marketer

"Nic is the total package when it comes to FB Ads. He's an industry leader at both campaign structuring and writing great ads that convert. Lots of experts are good at one, but few can master both.

Brian Moran

Founder of SamCart

“Unlike most “marketers”… Nic is in the trenches, day in, day out.  He walks the walk. If you’re looking for the biggest lever to pull in your business, this guy is it.”

About John Grispon

John Grispon is considered one of the top B2B/enterprise sales strategists as he's helped B2B tech founders scale revenues through a proven process and system. He has been in the software/SaaS industry for over 25 years, has helped hundreds of customers around the world, and is responsible for over $100 million in collective sales throughout his career as a leader and frontline seller. He works with early-stage founders, high growth startups, post-IPO companies and has built strong ties to many of the industry's leading experts for sales and marketing help. He is so confident in his systems that he backs it with a better than money back guarantee. 

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